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Up for sale is a very rare item that survived the test of time. Absolutely beautiful stained glass window advertising the Broadway Brewing and Malting Co. aka: Broadway Brewing Co. that was located at 797/815 Broadway in Buffalo, NY. The brewery originated in 1887 and lasted up to prohibition in 1920. The Broadway Brewing Co. Inc. opened its doors again in 1933 but only lasted one year before it became the George F. Stein Brewery. The sign is from the pre-prohibition era and likely in the late 1800's, early 1900's timeframe. It is in it's original frame.

The history of this piece is quite interesting. The sign was found in a false wall in an old barn that was being demolished in the Buffalo area. The barn was connected to an old tavern that was on located on the east side of Buffalo. It was located at the corner of Smith and Paderewski Steet. Both the barn and the tavern were owned by the Broadway Brewing Co. The vintage piece measures 66" in length and is 33" high. It is truly a stunning piece of breweriana!! See the pictures of this fantastic piece. There is lexan over the glass to protect it which causes a glare on some of the pictures. The piece is located locally in the Buffalo area and can be arranged for pick-up only.


contact me @ info@vintagebeercollectibles.com



Full Size pic of sign. Wooden frame with all original stained and painted glass.
Close-up of center logo that is seen on other pieces of their advertising. Most notable, the tray and tip tray.
Close-up of right side of sign.
Close-up of left side. Killer piece!






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